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Love in the Age of the Eu
3d-Animation (2014)
2  min
Idea and Animation:  Susanne Wiegner
Poem and Voice: Björn Kuhligk

The film starts with a peaceful, blue sea scenery full of hope and light. The recitation
of the poem begins, that describes in a very drastic way the treatment of the boat
refugees by the European Union.
The sea scenery becomes dark and hostile and ends up in front of a wall. The eardeafening
noise of helicopters resounds.The camera pans upwards and one realizes
that the walls were built by the European emblem and the whole scenery turns into
the European flag. The helicopters disappears, the Fortress Europe "was defended
successfully" once again.
The heraldic description of the European flag given by The Council of Europe is:
"Against the blue sky of the Western world, the stars represent the peoples of Europe in a
circle, a symbol of unity. Their number shall be invariably set at twelve, the symbol of
completeness and perfection...Just like the twelve signs of the zodiac represent the whole
universe, the twelve gold stars stand for all peoples of Europe – including those who cannot
as yet take part."
Council of Europe. Paris, 7–9 December 1955