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journey of the mind into virtual space
30 minute animated film as an
expedition report in 7 episodes

short version  9:30 min
with english subtitles

concept and execution    Susanne Wiegner
speaker                                Helmut Becker
music                                    Eppie E Hulshof
engl. translation                 Andrea Lutz



As the last remaining undiscovered regions are located in the mind, a creature-like spaceship voyages into virtual space.
The spaceship is equipped with all imaginable digital observational decives, in order to be able to describe its adventures
 through abstract space in the "scientific-poetic" manner of earlier, classic expeditions into unknown realms.
An ironic play on contemporary creation and representation of pseudo-realities in digital imagery. Common methods of
demonstrating and thereby "verifying" these "realities" are exaggerated into the realm of the fantastic.


abstract (pdf)