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animated film (2010)
visualization of a poem by Robert Lax
3 min 37 sec
idea and execution:  Susanne Wiegner

"just midnight" is a poem by Robert Lax, that describes a temporal and spacial situation by
very minimal means.
For Robert Lax the composition of the letters and words on the paper was very important. And so he created one of his vertical typefaces, that was transferred for the film. The letters become spaces and actors, crossed and circled by the camera. Step by step a three-dimensional formation of words is generated and disappears again in a sheet of paper.

just midnight from Susanne Wiegner on Vimeo.

screenings: - Aferro Gallery Newark/NJ/USA, 2013 - VideoBardo Festival 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentinia, 2012 - Co-Kisser Poetry-Film Festival, Minneapolis, USA, 2012 - International Ionian Digital Film Festival, Levkas, Greece 2012 - III International Poetry Festival, "MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ", Ucraine, 2012 - 7th intern. fest of contemporary animation & media-art, Moscow, Russia, 2012 - CeC - Carnival of e-Creativity, Sattal, India, 2012 - documentART, Stettin, Poland, 2011 - poesifestival, Oslo, Norway, 2011 - 3rd Sadho poetry Festival, New Delhi, India, 2011 - KunstNachtKempten, Kempten, Germany, 2011 - Artspace "Kalliopi", Chios, Greece, 2011 - In Out Festival 2011, Laznia Contemporary Art Center, Gdansk, Poland, 2011 - Cuisle Limerick City International Poetry Festivals, Limerick, Ireland, 2011 - Waterpieces Contemporary & Video Art Festival, Riga, Latvia, 2011 - Shams, The Sunflower, Beirut, Lebanon, 2011 - festival silencio, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011 - VideoArtFestival MIDEN, Kalamata, Greece, 2011 - trevigliopoesia, Bergamo, Italy, 2011 (winner of the festival prize "la parola immaginata 2011") - pixilaration [v.8], Providence RI, USA, 2011 - Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece, 2011 - galerie49, Munich, Germany, 2011 - upgrade!, i-camp, Munich, Germany, 2011 - re-new, digital art festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011 - Stadthausgalerie, Münster, Germany, 2011 - Directors Lounge Media Art Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2011 - ZEBRA, poetry film festival, Berlin, Germany, 2010 - kunsTTempel, Kassel, Germany 2010 - Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, France, 2011 - International Shortfilm Festival, Berlin, Germany, (Best of ZEBRA Poetry) 2010