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noctilucent clouds
3d-Animation (2017)
6 min 12 sec
Idea and Animation:  Susanne Wiegner

Space fragments drift through the wide dark space like noctilucent clouds. They are
fragmented memories of apparently past childhood days. Memories that are linearly
arranged but which irritate because the spaces are incomplete and separate from each
other, as if they could no longer be filled and built together by connecting memories or
stories. The childhood places seem strangely cool and unused. The spaces and places
give only a fleeting reference to dwellings and landscapes, as if the memories have lost
their stories, like a gradual memory loss.
The title also refers to the data clouds in which we store our memories, to which we entrust
our data. Data that can be lost, partially deleted or manipulated. The film in the film motif
also points to this. Is it still our own memory or just a film composed of fragments that we
are looking at.