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animated film (2011)
visualization of a poem by Robert Lax
3 min 
idea and execution:  Susanne Wiegner

"one moment passes" is a poem by Robert Lax, a meditative game with
the subject "time", with "is", "was" and "will be" - symbolized by a car ride in
the film (the past in the rear mirror and the future in front). Three different
time layers - the past in the rear mirror is slowed down, the car ride runs
forward and reverse - are put on top of each other to create the very moment
of presence.

one moment passes from Susanne Wiegner on Vimeo.

screenings: - 7th intern. fest of contemporary animation & media-art, Moscow, Russia, 2012
- 15th Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse, France, 2012
- 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany, 2012
- VAFA 2011, 2nd Macau Video Art International Festival, Macau, China, 2011
- 24th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, France 2011
- Box Video, Milan, Italy, 2011
- 3rd Sadho poetry Festival, New Delhi, India, 2011
- Petaluma, International Film Festival, Petaluma, CA, USA, 2011
- KunstNachtKempten, Kempten, Germany, 2011
- galerie49, Munich, Germany, 2011