contemplation is watching

3d – Animation
Germany (2016)
06 min 18 sec
HD 1920/1080, 16:9, 25fps, stereo
Idea and Animation: Susanne Wiegner
Poem: Robert Lax

Poetry film based on a poem by Robert Lax. A yellow street lamp is the initial point for a journey through the realm of imagination. The film is based on a poem by Robert Lax and on his typical vertical typeface, that he used to force the reader to slowness and contemplation. The film gives also some hints to Lax’s biography. He lived and worked in New York City where he experienced a moment outside of time and space under a street lamp, that he described in his „21 pages“. He was travelling with a small circus before he moved to the Greek islands, where he lived for 35 years. In today’s world the films is also an invitation to take your eyes off the screen to have a look to your surroundings with all its mysteries and inspirations.