[meine heimat]

3d – Animation
Germany (2012)
1 min 33 sec
Idea and Animation: Susanne Wiegner
Poem and Voice: Ulrike Almut Sandig

[meine heimat] is a poem by Ulrike Almut Sandig, that describes a space of memories or a landscape, that is not clearly defined. „Heimat“ is a very special German word, that can’t be translated into other languages, because it means as well a specific place, as a certain landscape or an abstract feeling. During the Third Reich in Germany, the word „Heimat“ was barbarously and fanatically glorified and misused with the result that many people lost their „Heimat“ and their lives. In the video a picture of a concentration camp is projected on the letters of the words [meine heimat] blended with a train ride through my own homeland that reminds also of the terrible deportations to show the ambiguity, that you feel as a German when you think about your „Heimat“.